Wednesday, 3 February 2016

What is IPL?

What is IPL?
There is no doubt that permanent hair reduction has over taken temporary hair removal methods. The days of waxing & shaving are limited!
Although the cost of treatment is higher than the traditional methods of temporary hair removal, people are quickly working out that permanent hair reduction is by far the cheaper option in the long term, not to mention much more conveinant. So the main question I get asked is "What is IPL & how does it work."
Intense pulse light, commonly abbreviated as IPL, is a non invasive medical technology that uses light therapy for permanent hair reduction, eliminating age spots, sun spots, freckles & unslightly discolourations of the skin, superficial capillaries & other benign vascular lesions. It is also very effective for a high percentage of people with rosacea & acne.

IPL works by using light energy to target cells with colour in the skin. the light converts to heat, which damages the target cells whilst leaving the surrounding skin unaffected.

Am I suitable for IPL?
Most people are able to be treated with IPL, however if you have a health concern, we recommend to consult your doctor.

Does it hurt?
You may feel a slight pinch, but no local anaesthesia or pain medication is required.
With hair removal, the level of pain reduces with each treatment as there is less hair to treat.

Are there any side effects?
You may experience some short term effects, such as slight reddening of the skin or local swelling which goes away within a few hours.

Is there any down time?
You can resume all normal activites, but all treated areas need to be protected from the sun for 6 weeks after treatment.

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