Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Benefits of Having Regular Facials

Benefits of Having Regular Facials
There are many more Benfits of having regular facials than just the time out, pampering & relaxation that you receive. Your Skin is in actual fact a very intricate system & is the largest organ of your body, so just like you would see the doctor for your health or a dentist for your teeth, it is just as important to regularly see a professional about your skin.
Your skin is made up of 3 layers, it is constantly shedding & can shed between 30 000 to 40 000 dead cells a minute.
Seeking expert advice from a professional has enourmous benefits to the health & wellbeing of your skin. Your Therapist will conduct a thorough consultation with you to accurately diagnose your skin, then proceed to prescribe a personalised treatment plan & homecare prescription to achieve maximum results.
Having regular facial treatments, whether they be high-tec professional grade treatments, or a relaxing spa facial, it will signifacntly benefit your skin. When on a regular treatment plan, your Therapist is able to boost your skin & target your specific concerns, then followed on with your homecare prescription, you will be able to achieve optimum results.
Increasing the confidence that you feel within your own skin is amazing as feeling & looking good has an amzing positive impact within ourselves.
So if you are suffering any skin conditions, concerned with ageing or the health of your skin, book an appointment with one of our qualified Therapist to discuss your concerns today.
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